The following example demonstrates how the actual rent varies depending on how much of the electric expense is quoted in the advertised rate.  In these examples, a $3,300/mo rate looks like the best rate, but when you do the math, the actual rates are all the same.

Let's say you used $400/mo in electricity...
  1.   Advertised rate: $3,300/mo (zero electricity included)
    --real rate is $3,700/mo ($3,300 + $400)

  2.   Advertised rate:  $3,500/mo ($200 cap electricity)
    --real rate is $3,700/mo ($3,500 +$200 over cap)

  3.   Advertised rate: $3,600/mo ($300 cap electricity)
    --real rate is $3,700/mo ($3,600 + $100 over cap)

Frequently Asked Questions

30 Day minimum rental period applies to this rental property, as per Hawaii laws.

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Ko Olina Vacation Rentals 

Coconut Plantation - Ko Olina  - Oahu - Hawaii

Luxury Amenities at Affordable Rates -- Pay No Booking Fees

Why do you have a 'minimum nights' rental requirement?

    ALL non-beachfront properties in the Ko 'Olina Resort are limited by Hawaii state law and association by-laws to a minimum one month rental contract. 
    Signing a contract for longer than your stay does not obligate you to stay for the entire length of the contract, however, we cannot rent to anyone else during that month and therefore we cannot reduce the rate to accommodate shorter stays.  
    But please keep in mind that if your vacation plans are to stay longer than 10 days, our monthly rates are often a better value and much less costly than booking multiple rooms at the Beach Villa properties, timeshare hotels or Oahu resort hotels.  Plus these hotels and beach front properties all charge daily parking. 
    Unlike hotel rooms, staying at our rental home provides you the equivalent of a three bedroom luxury suite hotel plus kitchen, baths, dedicated parking and all the conveniences of home.

I understand electricity in Hawaii is very costly and that it is not always included in vacation rental rates...can you explain more about this?

       Energy costs in Hawaii are very expensive especially with the increased use of air conditioning (A/C).  Electric bills can range from $200-$600 per month depending on the time of year (and the air conditioning usage).  Short term vacation rentals typically have electricity included in the rate, but in Ko'Olina this is not the case.  Several guests have mentioned that many other rental properties do not include electricity in the rate quote, charge an electricity usage fee or set very low electricity limits (e.g. as low as $100/month or add an extra utilities fee per day); this will create a hidden increase to the advertised rental rate quoted. 
       In order to get a true comparison of rental rates, it is important to determine how much of the energy bill you will be paying. We give our guests a $200 per month allowance/cap included in the rental rate quote.  This allowance amount is based on the average costs from our previous guests and depending on the season, we find that this covers most of the electricity usage.


      Also ask whether or not the A/C thermostat control is locked to a specific temperature.  Some rentals will give guests a higher electricity allowance but will lock the air conditioning thermostat so that you cannot lower the temperature setting to your desired comfort level. 
     When comparing rates for multiple properties, be sure and ask how much your share of the electric costs will be, before you sign up, so that you can make a fair and equal comparison of the true rental rates.

You are located right above the spa, will this cause noise problems at night?

   We have never had any issues with noise from the spa.  Unlike being by a pool where there are frequently lots of people lingering for long periods, usually very few people use a spa at one time; they spend a limited time there and additionally it closes at 9 pm every day so there is no late night use.

Is your property on the second floor?

    Yes, it is entirely on the second floor of the building, with exterior stair access only—no elevator (see our photos).  However, it is a single level once you are inside .
    One of the main reasons we chose a second floor unit (besides the significantly better view) is that it eliminates the 'lack of privacy' problem that most of the ground floor units have (where everyone walking by ends up looking right into your place day and night).

    Additionally, because we don't have anyone above us, our guests never have to worry about the nuisance of noise coming from upstairs (e.g. dragging furniture, footsteps, stomping or walking loudly which might generate noise through a first floor ceiling).

Do I really need to get a golf car to get around the resort?

   You will find that our location is within a close proximity and short walking distance to lots of great restaurants, the lagoons, golf course and luau--by not renting a golf car, you will be able to save money.   Golf cars may seem like a 'must have', but some rental properties with inferior locations will compensate by offering a golf cart option.  However, they don't offer these for free, they will charge you extra for the golf car.  If the rental property has a great location, you can save your money because you won't need a golf cart to get to the lagoons, restaurants and luau.
    Additionally, the Ko'Olina resort has a shuttle that picks up and drops off at various stops including right outside the Coconut Plantation gate.  Plus, if you plan to get a golf car for golfing, please keep in mind that the golf course will not allow you to use a private (non-golf club) cart on the course.

What is your view?  Last time we rented a condo in Ko Olina our view was awful, we looked straight into another condo.

     We suggest that ask other rental property owners to email you more photos showing the view looking out straight across from the main living area or lanais. 
     If you are paying top dollar, you should get a top dollar view.  You may not always get the full view from photos taken at an angle looking out to the sides and this can lead to disappointments, since these side shots may be meant to hide the real view.
Because  we have a great lanai, we always try to show our view in our many photos.  We love our tropical garden view and our guests have never been disappointed because they can look at our photos and know what their view will be. 
     Our villa has an extra large lanai that overlooks a lushly landscaped tropical garden area and jetted spa.  Despite being in close proximity to the spa, it is still very quiet on the lanai and it is a relaxing spot to read and nap in between touring. (spa closes at 9pm). 


Will I need a rental car for my stay in Ko'Olina? 
     Ko 'Olina Resort is located near the city of Kapolei but it is not close to all attractions therefore having a rental car is highly recommended and a 'must have' if you plan to tour or see some of the many sights on the island of Oahu. 

Hello & Welcome to our Ko Olina vacation rental website

Ko Olina vacation rentals - beautiful home in the Coconut Plantation Ko'Olina Resort Oahu Hawaii. 

The 642 acre, ocean front, Ko Olina Resort & Marina boasts four resplendent aquamarine lagoons; well groomed sandy beaches; the championship KoOlina Golf Course and a private marina.  

The Coconut Plantation is an award winning* Ko Olina resort community; designed with an architectural style that echoes the plantation villages of old Hawaii and punctuated with lush tropical landscapingThis premier Ko Olina community is encircled by the stunning greens of the Ted Robinson designed Ko Olina Golf Course.

Our Coconut Plantation garden villa has a superbly serene location overlooking the densely landscaped 'hidden spa' and conveniently only a few steps from the large main pool.  You just might find it hard to leave your garden retreat, but within a short five minute walk are Ko Olina's crystal blue lagoons and uncrowded beaches.